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LDWP - Lasallian Developing World Projects

What we do

Since 1985 LDWP has been sending out teams of young people to help build up educational provision in more deprived partes of the world. These are mostly building projects, but with some focused on teaching. We do small-scale, sustainable projects, usually in rural areas where the opportunities for education are extremely limited. The provision of education has a huge impact.  "Education is the single most powerful weapon against poverty." Oxfam.


We raise money to put up simple, but permanent school buildings - classrooms, libraries, laboratories, teachers' housing etc. Our teams then work for five weeks with local people to erect a building. Specialist knowledge is not required - just reasonalbe fitness, adaptability and staying power.  All volunteers fund-raise to cover their costs and contribute something towards the building materials.  Current cost is £1,500 which covers most things apart from visa and inoculations.


Projects take place from the beginning of July for 5 weeks.


Young people from Britain are eligible to apply from the age of 17.  Applications are taken May to June a year before departure; later applications are acceptable if places are available.  typical age range is 18 - 23.

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