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Christian Educators who live and work together in community, according to the ideals and principles of our founder - Saint John-Baptist De La Salle.


An international religious association


The Ministry of the Brothers is world-wide. It includes all aspects of Christian education, for young people but also for adults, by teaching but also by counselling, retreat work, pastoral care in schools, centres for special education, the promotion of overseas activity.


With a long tradition


For 300 years the Brothers have been in the forefront of the Church's educational ministry. In the course of those three centuries, no less than twenty five Brothers have had their service and dedication recognised as sufficiently extraordinary to merit the title of "Saint" or "Blessed". At the same time, the Lasallian tradition has been continually brought up to date to ensure that it continues to serve the contemporary needs of the Church and of society.


Taking the Gospel at Face Value


The Gospel is the first Rule of the Brothers. They aim to be authentic and credible witnesses to the Kingdom of God as announced by Jesus, and to lead others to him by word and example.


Living in Community


The Brothers see living in a celibate community as a valuable and valid alternative way of realising the Gospel ideal. Community gives mutual support and strength in searching, discovering, praying, celebrating and sharing faith-journeys.


Searching for God


The Rule of Brothers is one which promotes a life of prayer, a deeper awareness of God's presence, a spirit of faith, faithfulness and trust in God.


Responding to Needs


From their personal prayer and the mutual support of their association, the Brothers find energy and enthusiasm for a commitment to helping others, especially the disadvantaged and the underprivileged. They seek specifically to help young people who are suffering from the "famine of the Word of God" (Amos 8.11). It is the Brother's vocation to share the Good News with them, to be "brother" to them as individuals, accompanying them on their faith-journey, helping them to grow in Christ.


The Brothers see the will of God at work in the recent Providential developments which have led to the administration of the De La Salle Schools being transferred to the very capable shoulders of lay Lasallian teachers.