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Ghana - Kaleo

Kenya - Nyeri

Uganda - Biiso

Tanzania - Mhaji

India - Morepatty

India - Reaching the Unreached

Cost of teachers’ 5 house compound £21,000 over 2 years

Kaleo village is in the Upper West Region, 12km from the town of Wa. It will be our 27th project there. The area is savannah and most people live from farming and animal husbandry. The area normally has 7 months of the year without rain, has few natural resources and the climate appears to be worsening. Hence the great need for education if there are to be any opportunities for development.

We have worked in the area since 1991and there has been great progress in the educational provision in that time. We will be finishing off a building to house 5 teachers alongside a newly opened kindergarten. Housing will enable the school to attract teachers, a difficulty at present when there is little accommodation in the area, and to ensure stability.

Cost: £10,000

The group will work again in St.Mary’s School, where we have worked for several years. The school has a high standard of achievement and well-motivated students who enjoy picking the brains of the volunteers and playing football or chess with them. We will be building some housing for teachers. The school has a residential Street Children’s programme and the group will also help these children with their studies.  Nyeri is a sizeable town some 2 to 3 hours north of Nairobi and because of its altitude is often a cool and damp place. It is home to a substantial population of poor and displaced people.

Cost £7,000

A village in need of development on the Hoima-Lake Albert road. We have worked in the region for many years and in this village for two years.  Now we will be building a classroom to develop a new secondary school in an area where there is a shortage of places. The landscape is hilly and green, people mostly farmers; weather sometimes wet; warm by day, cool by night.

The village is situated in the south west of the country near the town of Njombe. We have previously had building projects there.

This will be the second teaching project in the village following on from a successful first year. English, Maths and IT were in demand and we would love some old laptops to take out again.

Cost: c. £4,000+

We have worked with this NGO since 2005. RTU is situated in Tamil Nadu, South India, in the vicinity of the town of Battalagundu c. 60 km. north of Madurai and 40 km SW of Dindigul. It is a charitable organisation founded by a De La Salle Brother and is involved in many areas of care for poor people- two villages for orphans, one for HIV positive children, assistance for old people, schools, clinics and care programmes. The team will be involved in helping to build village housing depending on the local programme. There will be plenty of activities for the team to be involved with.

G-Kallupatti is a large village in a poor rural area. It will be very hot. There have been severe water problems over the last few years as rains have been inadequate. There is a good road nearby and supplies are no problem. Expect curry, rice, curry, bananas, curry and plenty of vegetable dishes

Cost: £8,000 for 1st year

This village is in Tamil Nadu some 30 miles NE of Dindigul town and 3km from Vasamadurai town. We will be building classrooms over 2 years for a diocesan junior school, ages 4 to 13. The area is largely agricultural and the people poor. It will be very hot. The project team can expect a simple life style, a certain amount of curry and a lot of curiosity.

India - Oddanchatram

This teaching project has been set up by the same priest as the Morepatty one. This time it is in a town nearly 50km from Morepatty and 30km NW of Dindigul.

The school has students from 4 to 14 years. Living will once again be simple but the town will offer plenty of options and is positioned at the foot of the Palani hills with scope for (hot) hiking.

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